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Communication between Ignition and the equipment is in the form of SECS messages defined by the SECS-II standard. SECS messages are typically sent and received using scripting functions within Ignition using the SECS/GEM defined messages (SECS Definition Language ) that are loaded into the equipment. SECS messages that contain data can also риски инвестирования be written to Tags, updating the Tag’s values as new messages come in. This functionality is used to capture data coming back from equipment, such as tool traces within S6F1 messages. The default SDL file that is included with the SECS/GEM module is already configured to create Tags for S6F1 messages sent to the module from the tool.

Some capabilities are less commonly requested, such as spooling or limits monitoring (simple SPC-like analysis of process data reported by the equipment). Regardless of what a particular fab is requesting your tools support, our SECS/GEM connectivity products offer full compliance for every capability described in the SEMI E30 standard. It offers an easy-to-use object model that fully exposes all SECS-II messages and handles the transmission and reception of those messages to and from the user’s equipment.

To send a message, a user calls the system.secsgem.sendMessage function in a Python script within an Ignition Gateway or client, and passes the SECS message asJSONtext to the function. A transaction id is returned, which can then be passed to the system.secsgem.getResponse function. However, some SECS messages can be handled differently, such as those that are sent repeatedly from the equipment like status variables.

The Edison package collects and logs process data which can be used to optimize the production line. SECS /GEM is a SEMI standard compliant communications protocol that is used in the global semiconductor manufacturing industry and defines the communications interface between semiconductor equipment and the host computer. The semiconductor, FPD, LED and solar panel manufacturing industries are demanding the development of equipment using industry standard SECS/GEM communications. Lakeville, Minnesota, January 26, 2021 – ITW EAE announces a new SECS/GEM communication package for the MPM® Edison™ Printer. TheSEMI E30GEM standard describes how communications and control capabilities should be supported between a factory host and production equipment.

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SECS also provides for a range of Stream and Function values that are available for custom use for situations when it is not desired to use the predefined message types. The E5 standard is a long document that defines many more message types and data items than any interface implements. Also, there are complexities of different formats being possible for a given message type, and different data type representations of data items.

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Options. Rating. SECS. Semiconductor Equipment Communications Standard. Academic & Science » Electronics.

One of the benefits of a standard interface is that dissimilar equipment is integrated into the factory in the same general way, with the same conceptual model. Here is the conceptual view of the equipment as it seen by the exchange of SECS messages. The company’s pure Java HSMS/SECS II implementation provides the ability to control equipment directly from a Web browser or through client- or server-based Java applications. Preliminary data shows excellent performance, including in excess of 1000 messages/second for a data request/response (S1F3/S1F4). ErgoTech supports the full HSMS specification, including the “General Session”, allowing multiple sessions though one TCP/IP port.


In any case it stands for SEMI Equipment Communications Standard – General Equipment Model. In short SECS/GEM is the standard for a protocol by which the various equipment in the semiconducor fab talk to a central host. The host can be as simple as simply montioring the status of each tool, or it can be as complex as a dispacher, organizer and process monitor. The SDK is also come with a Model Builder Editor that let you quickly and easily model the equipment SECS/GEM capability that will be communicating with your host application.

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Every response message has the same TransactionID as the request message it responds to. Status and Data Variables are used to report the tool’s current state, sensor readings, and processing results. GEM refers to the SEMI connectivity standard E30 and is defined as the Generic Model for Communications and Control of Manufacturing Equipment.

Communicating With Semiconductor Fab Equipment

The following code shows you how to perform initialization and establish communication with equipment using SecsToTool.Net. The SECS/GEM Configurator facilitates project design and reduces development time. SECS/GEM communications can be established using only one CPU unit, without communications between separate computer and machine controller. Direct connection of the CPU unit with the host enables equipment to be downsized. Solid understanding of the relevant automation technology and industry trends. MPM® Edison™ has a transfer efficiency that exceeds requirements for the smallest apertures.

Event report messages enable the equipment to inform the host of the passage of an event such as the completion of processing or a change in status. Older equipment typically provided a predefined event report containing a fixed set of variable values. The modern approach is for the equipment to support dynamic event report which allows the host to configure which variable data items are included in the set communicated with an event report.

Connections can be made over Ethernet using TCP/IP or over a direct serial connection (SECS-I protocol) using a RS-232 cable. Note, that the direct serial connection requires that the equipment be connected directly to the Ignition Gateway server, and that the Serial Support Gateway Module be installed. The equipment connections also require the use of a database, which will store sent and received messages for audit purposes, and to hold some configuration data. Each equipment connection connects to one tool and one database and transfers SECS messages between the Gateway to the tool. Trace reporting is a feature that provides for periodic reporting of selected variable values. Often there is a higher expectation of the value of this feature than is warranted since it can support an impressive demonstration.

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When the host is controlling the equipment, it has the ability to send commands like “START”, “STOP”, “PAUSE”, “RESUME,” and “ABORT” to control the equipment’s processing. In order to make use of the interface, the host system must implement the GEM standards to set clear expectations for equipment behavior expectations. I would like to know whether SECS/GEM communication protocol can be used in Siemens PLC ? And also I would like to know is it effective to link MES for data tracking. In addition, the GEMTool software produces a unique, custom-generated characterization file that can be read by the Host, thus eliminating the need for manual and time-consuming communications configuration. The product is currently being tested at a number of locations, and there is worldwide interest in it from semiconductor fabs and equipment builders.


A message that is initiated independently or asynchronously for sending has an odd Function value and is called a Primary message. A message that is sent as a reply to a received message is termed a Secondary message, and the Function value is an even number that is one more than the Function value received in the Primary message. The Transport Protocol Standards define how SECS/GEM messages are transferred between the host and equipment.

secs gem

Nolan Johnson recently spoke with Tuan Tran, director of customer solutions at Green Circuits, about what makes a successful process engineer. They also discuss a typical day in the life of a process engineer—from pre-manufacturing through post-DFM, for process improvement. As Tuan points out, there are a variety of paths to becoming a great process engineer. The last group are designed for 300mm tool automation, and collectively known as i300. Semantic Scholar is a free, AI-powered research tool for scientific literature, based at the Allen Institute for AI.

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Ignition projects or third-party applications can insert SECS messages into a database table to send them to an equipment, and query database tables to retrieve SECS messages from an equipment. The SECS/GEM Module includes the capability to create and configure equipment simulators. Equipment Connections can connect to simulators and they can exchange various messages. This capability exists for getting started with the SECS/GEM Module and for testing applications.

  • And also I would like to know is it effective to link MES for data tracking.
  • Also, there are complexities of different formats being possible for a given message type, and different data type representations of data items.
  • This will include automation, instrumentation, calibration documentation maintenance activities for a toolset in a manufacturing environment.
  • SECS/GEM is the communication interface commonly used in the semiconductor, electronic, and photovoltaic industries, as defined and standardized by SEMI.
  • The GEM standard E30 was created to provide guidance for the deployment of a subset of E5 with emphasis on a core set of message types and less variation in message and data item formats.

We can use our tools to quickly and cost-effectively build a solution for you from project startup help and training to complete turnkey applications. Contact us NOW to discuss your specific requirements on your SECS/GEM solution. Or click to send us a WhatsApp message and we will reply you shortly anywhere, anytime we are. A communication message in the format specified инвестиции для начинающих by the SECS-II standard that is used to communicate with an equipment. A SECS message having an odd numbered function that originates a communication and may require a response message. The module will add a new header to the Configure section of the Gateway Webpage that allow you to configure connections to the equipment, or setup simulators that are used for testing.

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In an automated fab, the interface can start and stop equipment processing, collect measurement data, change variables and select recipes for products. The equipment connections secs gem are what allow Ignition to communicate with the specialized semiconductor fab equipment. Equipment connections are setup within the Configure section of the Gateway Webpage.

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When installed, GEMTool works seamlessly within RSView32 as one of its many powerful Editors. In addition, the RSVIew32 SECSHost ActiveX control can be used in RSView32, VisualBasic, Visual C++ or any other compatible ActiveX container serving as the Host system. Such flexible and robust programming environments simplify interface design, speed development, and make integration with third-party tools and applications simple. GEMTool users do not need to write any custom code for their equipment to support SECS messaging. Users simply need to configure their equipment data to their corresponding data items in the SECS messages. The remaining GEM-required functionality is handled automatically by GEMTool.

There is sufficient complexity with SECS and automation applications in general that support issues in the field are not uncommon. Sometimes the issue is only one of understanding but there can be problems with non-standard or buggy implementations particularly with older equipment or when a mature toolset has not been used. Therefore Денежный поток it is not enough for SECS/GEM interface software to function correctly – there must also be features to capture for diagnostic purposes the communication interaction in varying levels of detail. Data exchanged on the SECS interface can be automatically captured in log files organized by date and saved in compressed archive files.

Network connected equipment using HSMS usually provides independent SECS connections for independent modules such as furnace tubes. However, there is provision in the SECS standards for sharing a connection by modulating the device identification value in each message. The practice of connection sharing is not recommended for new deployments and is typically found only with older RS-232 systems. Once a connection is established, messages are exchanged in both directions between host and equipment. It is typical that a connection is maintained for long periods of time and only interrupted if the equipment or host is rebooted. The usual SECS connection has fairly light usage of network bandwidth compared to a busy web server.

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